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Yogi Footwear X Vinyl Exchange

To celebrate Vinyl Record Day, we spent the day at Vinyl Exchange in Manchester with Store Manager Russ. 

Russ is into all things music, regardless of the genre. He puts this down to being an avid music researcher as he believes 'old music is new music if you've never heard it before'. His interests in music doesn't finish when he clocks off his shift though, Russ has his own music Instagram account (@memoriesfrommusic) where he documents his memories about any song or album he finds in his spare time! We delved into his music tastes a little bit more below.

What type of music are you into?

So, now I like lots of different styles of music. The only things I don’t really listen to would be reggae or drum and bass. But I like dance music, disco, funk, soul,  a bit of hip hop, alternative stuff, folk music, rock, that’s from working here.


What’s your favourite song right now?

Right now? Oh god, that’s difficult, from a DJ point of view, it would be Peggy Gu and it’s called Starry Night, I think.


What’s the first album or single you bought?

Ever? Christ. The first single I bought with my own money was Karl Douglas’s Kung Fu Fighting. The first record I ever got that was my own, which I got for Christmas, was Elvis Live at Madison Square Garden.



What’s the first concert you attended?

The first one I went to was Duran Duran at the Apollo in 1982 or 3, I was 15.


And what was the most recent concert you attended?

That would be, let me think, it was last week… I went to see International Teachers of Pop at the Golden Lion in Todmorden.


Who is the best person you’ve seen live?

Oh, that’s a tricky one. She Keeps Bees.


Did anyone shape your music tastes?

Erm, no. Well, generally I think you get influenced all throughout your life from your parents and friends and whatever to a point. But I’ve always been somebody that is always listening. A lot of people like artists because they think it’s the right people to listen to. Like Prince, Bowie and yeah, they are good, I get that totally. But I have always gone out and found my own music. Any LP that comes in, I’ll listen through it to see if there’s anything on there that I’ll like. Whereas a lot of people are quite blinkered, they like a certain thing and that’s what they like so they wont open their ears to other things. Members of staff here, family and friends have influenced me, but I would say I seek it out myself.




Which band from the past would you like to bring back?

Ah flipping heck – The Doors, just so I could see them live.


What would we find if put your playlist on shuffle?

I used to put my iPod on shuffle here and would tell people that it’s like Forrest Gump – like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to find. Everything and everything. Generally I put things into chunks, so I‘ll have different playlists.


What’s your go-to road trip music?

I probably like singer-songwriter acousticy type stuff. Something that’s not to invasive you know. Some people will want it four four to the floor all the way from start to finish but I think that’d frazzle you after a bit.



Do you seek out new music or prefer oldies?

Everything, top and bottom, left and right, whatever it is. Old music if you’ve never heard it is new music if you’ve never heard it before. This is the thing, in the last 10 years I’ve kinda got into folk music which spans all the way back to the 60s right up to modern day. So it’s like going coal mining, you’ve got all this stuff to dig and mine. It’s an endless task, you could never say you have found every record youd ever like. It’s impossible.


Have you ever been to a festival? If so what is your best festival memory?

I’ve never been to a festival! I’ve always been working (DJ’ing) or busy! I think I would like to experience once though. The obvious one to try would be Glastonbury, but I do think I would like something a bit smaller. Obviously Glastonbury has the wow factor, but I don’t know if I would like the crowds. Even gigs, the Manchester Arena is massive and you’re not watching them, you’re watching the screen. I like going to gigs where there’s 50 people in the room, you’re there with them and it’s a miles better experience. Same with a festival! But yeah, to answer your question I’ve never been to one – yet. I think the closest thing to a festival I've been to is my first 'Joy' rave back in 1989 on the hills in Rochdale dancing until the sunrise.


If you could have dinner with a musician/band (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Oh god! That’s a lot in one question. It’s not something you can just pull out of a hat. It’s such a tricky one! David Sylvian from Japan would be up there, it was my favourite band as a teenager. But if I could choose anyone, musician or not, it would be David Attenborough.



As it's your first time wearing Yogi's, what did you think?

Probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! It's like wearing an exquisite pair of velvet slippers. 


Now you have your own pairs, how will you style them?

The olive pair will probably be more day to day wear, so more casual than the tan pair which are for more dressy occasions.


And then we gave Russ some quick fire round questions!

  1. Pop or country – Country – but that's good country. There's some really good 70s country stuff that’s almost psychedelic and funky stuff!
  2. Rock or rap/r’n’b – Rock any day! If it was old school 80s/90s hip hop, but yeah right now rock.
  3. ACDC or Metallica – ACDC.
  4. The Rolling Stones or The Beatles – The Rolling Stones.
  5. Hear your favourite artist sing your least favourite sing or hear your least favourite artist sing your favourite song – Oh cripes. The first one I think.
  6. Electric piano or classic piano – Classic I think.
  7. Michael Jackson or Elvis – Jacko! Ignoring all the controversy obviously just thinking about the music.

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