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Stockist Spotlight with Tenue de Nîmes

For a new and exciting addition to the Yogi Journal page, we have decided to introduce you all to the world of our stockists! An area of Yogi that isn't explored often, but for you to understand our brand even more, we thought it's about time we'd show you the people who bring the brand you love to you! 

So... today we have interviewed Tenue de Nîmes, one of our stockists based in Amsterdam, who is here to talk to us all about stocking Yogi, fashion and future plans... Read on! 

The Tenue de Nimes store front

How long have you stocked Yogi Footwear?

We’ve started this season for Spring ‘23, the timing couldn’t be better as we’ve just received our stock right on time for the Dutch Springtime.

What made you want to stock Yogi Footwear?

For us it was the missing link between the easy go-to/daily shoe and the high-end leather, more fashionable shoe. In our eyes Yogi is the perfect blend between simple and functional footwear, but not following the mainstream.

Tell us about your favourite style of Yogi’s and why they are your favourite.

The Finn, it bridges the finest of Native American inspired footwear together with the more classic Western shoe, along with a very Japanese sauce on top of it!

What key trends do you see or hope to see with in the coming seasons?

A huge trend that we’re seeing right now is the comeback of classic and high-quality decent footwear. People are wearing denim with well-made leather shoes or boots again and in our eyes it’s the perfect combination that is making its come back! This also means the sneaker is returning back to the gym, where it belongs ;).

Do you have a best seller of Yogi? If so, which style?

We see people already falling in love with the brand in our stores, which indicates that the brand works great for everyone!

How do you recommend your customer style their Yogis?

We recommend styling them with the perfect pair of jeans of course, and we love the classic combination of a heavy flannel, the perfect hoodie and some nice comfortable shoes, which makes them totally ready for their daily routine.

What is your store’s USP?

At Tenue de Nîmes we’re all about finding the best curation between American and Japanese heritage with contemporary brands like Visvim and RRL to Tenue., A.P.C. and Yogi, and that all with a personal touch and our own twist to it. All accompanied by contemporary streetwear for both men and women and of course being serviced by enthused staff willing to show you their love and passion for the products.

Is there anything specific you want to see from us in the near future?

Currently in conversation about a special collaboration for Tenue de Nîmes!


We would like to say a huge thank you to Tenue de Nimes for taking part in our Stockist Spotlight! Don't forget to follow our Instagram @yogifootwear for all the latest information and news.


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