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In The Hotseat with Billy & Leanne

Please could you give us a little introduction about yourselves?

Hey guys! We are billy and Leanne, we are 26 and we live full time in our van which we built ourselves into our home on wheels! We are currently travelling the UK and daily vlogging our journey 🌞

Can you explain what Vanlife is and how it all works for those who don’t know?

Absolutely! We would love too! Vanlife is basically living, or road tripping in a camper van.
We currently live and work in Cornwall for 6 months every spring and summer where we are on a farmers field living “off grid” in the warmer months and then we hit the road for an adventure in the autumn and winters where we either stay at campsites, aires or “wild camp” which is sleeping on the road! Carparks or lay-bys.
Billy & Leanne Yogi

When and how did your van living journey begin?

Our Vanlife journey began just after the lockdown! We were actually backpacking Thailand early 2020 where we had plans for a great long journey that year! - we actually ended up getting stuck on the island of Koh Lanta for 5 months living with a Thai family due to the pandemic so when we were finally able to return home, with the travel restrictions being so uncertain we decided we would bag ourselves a little T4 campervan to explore our own country, the UK and all it’s beautiful sights!
Neither of us had really seen a lot of our own country so we thought.. what better time to start!
After an amazing summer in our little T4 we added some essentials and built our little van some cupboards and a tiny kitchen counter! We continued our adventures throughout the winter and we found ourself spending more and more time in our van.
Then it clicked! We had fallen in love with Vanlife the ability and freedom to explore and being immersed in nature so in July 2021 we decided to buy a bigger van and convert it into our full time home! “Big BEZ” a rusty old former motorbike transport van that we bought on Facebook marketplace for £2000!
She had rust, dents, and literal holes but she was our new home! We were so excited and with no prior carpentry experience we took to YouTube and the drawing board to start turning her into a home on wheels. It took us about a year total to convert her into what she is now!
So far “big BEZ” has taken us on multiple cross country adventures, she completed Scotlands NC500 earlier this year before taking us back down to Cornwall for work in spring. She’s a tank!
Billy & Leanne Yogi

How are you styling your Yogis this season?

We absolutely love our Yogis because of how versatile they are. We love how they basically put an outfit together for you and that’s a huge benefit when you live in a van and don’t have a lot of space for shoes!
With the current great British summer feeling a little more like autumn:
Bill styles his Yogi Fairfield’s with blue denim carpenter jeans a factory jacket and a vintage surf T-shirt
Leanne styles her Yogi Finn with some vintage Corduroy dungarees, a vintage 70s patterned heavy knit jumper and some patterned socks
But when summer finally returns we can’t wait to style them for the sun 🌞
 Billy & Leanne Yogi

What is your favourite place you have travelled to?

Our favourite place we have travelled to in the van by far is Cornwall! Bill having been there a good few times on holiday as a child, he would always tell me how amazing it was!
I could never imagine how actually amazing it was until we got here for the first time last year! It was a bit of a whim trip as we basically decided to move from Essex to Cornwall with no plan and no confirmed jobs 🤣 but i'll never forget Bill driving us to show me my first Cornish beach.
We came around the corner and down to porthmeor beach in St Ives, the sunset was so vibrant orange & pink but the sea!! It was the bluest sea ever! I couldn’t believe it was the UK and Cornwall has honestly never stopped amazing us. It has just become our home!
The vibes are unmatched in the UK for surf culture & general beach bum life it really is a wicked place to be!
Billy & Leanne Yogi

How did you discover Yogi?

We discovered Yogi a few years back around the same time as we had our little van! We’d spotted Yogi on instagram and instantly fell in love with the Yogi x Hikerdelic collab in July 2020, the rest is history! We now have three pairs of Yogis in the van with plans for lots more in the future and that’s saying something as our shoe cupboard is the size of a mini fridge! 🤣
Bill & Leanne Yogi
We want to say a huge thank you to Billy & Leanne for taking part in our latest 'In The Hot Seat'! To keep up, make sure you follow them on Instagram! And for the latest Yogi news, make sure to follow our Insta

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