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A Colour Story - Green Shoes

Though we tend to specialise in the earthy blacks, browns and nudes colour arena, today we are going to outline our products which feature one of the most underrated colours in footwear, green. It is a fabulous colour that can be dressed up or down and help your outfit choices stand out from the crowd, whilst still keeping you looking elegant and stylish.

Green footwear can be really versatile when it comes to pairing with outfits. Read below to see the two green hues we stock in our collection and how we would style them.



Crafted from buttery soft premium suede, the Caden crepe is a contemporary comfort shoe with a wider toe fit. With intricate hand-stitched detailing and natural crepe outsole perfected in earthy tones, highlighting Yogi Footwear's premium credentials. You also have the option of choosing the Caden without a centre seam. Available in men's (size 6 -12) and women's (size 3 - 8).

Available in Olive and Sage green.

Shop the full Caden collection here.



The Rufus Shoe is a contemporary sport-casual classic. Hand made from premium leather and natural crepe outsole; a modern silhouette is at the forefront of this design. Available in men's (size 6 - 12) and women's (size 3 - 8).

Available in Sage green.

Shop the full Rufus collection here.



Handcrafted in a mixture of earthy tones, the Lawson Moccasin features a premium suede upper, contrasting tan leather laces and finished with a natural crepe sole. Designed with a contemporary consumer in mind, these earth conscious shoes are a timeless staple for any wardrobe.

Available in Olive and Sage green.

Shop the full Lawson collection here.



Hand crafted from supple textured leather, Lennon is sophisticated and stylish, featuring a hand stitched centre seam. The negative heel is designed for comfort and improves posture.

Available in Olive green.

Shop the full Lennon collection here.



Crafted in Portugal from locally sourced materials and constructed with our signature negative heel, this heritage silhouette promotes good posture and comfort and is a staple shoe for the modern wardrobe.

Available in Olive green.

Shop the full Orson collection here.



The Lucas mid Boot is crafted from supple suede and features a Vibram outsole, for the perfect transitional style. Natural, locally sourced materials make this boot the perfect balance between eco-conscious, high quality craftsmanship and durability.

Available in Olive green.

Shop the full Lucas collection here.


How to Style Your Green Yogi's:

Green footwear looks great with a wide variety of colours, though our favourite has to be with blue denim. Think cuffed denim jeans, or mom jeans with our women's style, tan knitwear and your favourite waterproof jacket and accessories. 

For Men: If you're headed out, a pair of beige chinos will let your green shoes do the talking. There are lots of other colour combos that look great with green shoes, just stay away from the green trousers and green shoes combo (there is such thing as too much of a good thing) or brown trousers as it ends up looking a bit 'tree like'.

For Women: The colour combos are pretty much the same as with your male counterparts. However, with currently only one style of Women's Yogi shoes available in green, our favourite way to style this sport-contemporary style is with anything and everything! From blue denim to cream knitted dresses, it's very difficult to make a questionable outfit choice when it comes to the Rufus style!


If we still haven't persuaded you to invest in some green footwear, we have plenty of other colours available on site here!


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