Contact us: +44 (0) 1727 883549


Contact us: +44 (0) 1727 883549

Yogi Footwear - our ethical values

Yogi Footwear - our ethical values

In an age where we are more conscious of how our actions have affected the planet, the clothes we buy and wear have been under more scrutiny than ever before. Here at Yogi Footwear, we realise that footwear can be both an ethically conscious lifestyle choice and fashion forward. 

Yogi’s ethos places emphasis on ethically sourced materials and taking the time to craft quality pieces that are made to last. Because of this, we focus on clean lines and classic designs that are hand finished in our Portuguese factory.

From Yogi’s Heritage range, born out of the 70s, to our Classic range that offers a more traditional moccasin style, and our Contemporary range with a more modern sportswear influence, there is a smart-casual option for everyone, from soul boys to creative types to architects. Here’s a little bit more about how we make our shoes with our sustainable and ethical practices.


Our products are designed and crafted with longevity and durability at the forefront of our philosophy. Quality is integral to the Yogi brand with materials which are hardwearing. Central to our ethos is the idea that your Yogi shoes can take you anywhere so our shoes are made to be your perfect partner in life. Our famed negative heel structure was designed to replicate how your feet sink into a sandy beach so they truly bring you closer to nature. Found in Our Heritage collection, they have footprints debossed onto the sole so you can leave extra Yogi footprints in the sand on your journey.


Who made your shoes

All of our Yogi shoes are hand finished at a third generation family owned factory in Benedita, Portugal. Our process involves 16 steps from choosing the right leather, all the way through to being packed into the Yogi printed shoebox, made from recycled materials. You can meet the people, see pictures, videos and read all about the process here.



Locally sourced materials

Most of our raw, organic materials and components used for production of Yogi products are locally sourced including buttery suedes and soft leathers. The colours, which include Tan, Cola, Olive and Tobacco, used for our footwear is inspired by natural colours and muted earth tones in keeping with the brand's mantra. Yogis also come complete with leather laces which are designed to be natural and hardwearing.


Reducing Waste

Unlined moccasin construction minimises wastage and reduces the use of solvent based adhesive in the production process. We use only water based adhesives where these are integral to the production process. The unlined construction embraces a raw, crafted, artisan feel which can be worn with or without socks. Yogi also uses natural crepe outsoles and recycled shoe boxes to lower our carbon footprint.


Discover Yogi's collections

The Heritage collection

Our heritage collection is all about our famous negative heel, which is made from 100% natural rubber and plant based. You can shop the Heritage Collection here.

The Classic Collection

Featuring a further range of moccasin styles, also hand finished, consisting of a leather body, leather laces and natural crepe & vibram sole units. The Classic collection has an unlined moccasin construction which facilitates the reduction of glue in the manufacturing process. You can shop the Classic Collection here.

The Contemporary Collection

With a modern silhouette at its heart, combined with traditional construction methods, the Contemporary Collection includes soles engineered from natural crepe. You can shop the Contemporary Collection here.

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