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Wimbledon Whites: Yogi Footwear Edition

Wimbledon Whites: Yogi Footwear Edition

What is Wimbledon?

The Championships, Wimbledon, more commonly known as simply Wimbledon, is the oldest, and often regarded as the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It was established at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) in 1877 and it was first televised by the BBC on 21st June 1937.


What is the dress code?

For Players:

The official dress code for the current Wimbledon tournaments is reminiscent of the standards set in the Victorian era, when players wore white for propriety's sake because it was believed that white showed less sweat. More recently, the dress code now forbids players to wear any non-white clothing that could become visible during movement, lighting or perspiration. Apparently, the dress code for players is that strict that players need to ensure that their underwear is white enough. 

For Spectators:

Whilst there is no official Wimbledon dress code for spectators, there are a few forbidden choices - so leave your ripped jeans, running vests and sport shoes at home. If you're lucky enough to be visiting Centre Court for the important games, then be sure to make sure your outfit is more refined. Men usually wear fashionable suits and ties, while women wear white or summery dresses. Think outdoor summer wedding and you'll get it right. 


Our Wimbledon Whites

Looking for some white shoes to tie your look together? And want to make sure it is fitting with the traditions of the event, here at Yogi Footwear we have some wonderful white shoes that will do the trick.


1. Rufus Crepe White Nubuck

Part of our contemporary range, the Rufus Crepe Nubuck's in white are characterised by a sleek, all leather design. What's great about this design is that they are extremely versatile! You could pair them with jeans and your favourite mac for a more casual affair, and they'll still look great with your Wimbledon suit jacket and smart trousers. Shop them here.

2. Willard Tumbled Leather Negative Heel Ivory

The Willard's negative heel is a more traditional Yogi design. The negative heel replicates the way the foot walks in the sand, toe first, which promotes good posture. Though this style is slightly off-white, it will compliment both tan and blue colours in the rest of your outfit. Shop them here.

3. Yogi For Albam Lawson Suede Moccasin White

As part of our collaboration with Albam, these Lawson suede moccasins in white are the perfect summer accessory. Great for a variety of occasions, these white suede shoes will top off any outfit. Shop them here.


If white isn't your thing, or you're worried about spilling your strawberries and cream on them, we have plenty of other options live on our website right now. Take a look here.


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