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Top Tips for Buying Shoes

If you're looking to update your wardrobe with a new pair of Yogi shoes, we've got a few handy hints to help you whether you're buying through one of our Stockists (check here for the full list) or ordering online.

In this blog post, you'll find tips on measuring your feet, ordering the right size, what materials to look out for, which socks to wear, and what time of day to buy your shoes or try them on.


The size and shape of your feet can change as you age so getting them measured every now and again is a really good idea. Wearing the wrong size or shape can significantly affect your posture as well as make your feet sore. Make sure that the shoe is wide enough across the width as too narrow a fit is damaging to toes. Check here for ‘How to Measure’ guidelines.

Brand Sizing
Every effort is made across the industry to standardise sizes up to a point, but it is also dependent upon country of origin and individual designers and brands. For example, Italian sizing varies to that of the UK. It may be essential to size up or down. Websites often state whether shoes are ‘true to size’ so read the small print when ordering. Check out the Yogi style Sizing Chart.

Buy High Quality Materials
Good quality leather and suede uppers are much better for the health of your feet as they allow the feet to breathe. Yogis are made from very high quality buttery leathers and soft suedes so are an excellent choice.

The Largest Foot
Most people have one foot larger than the other so always try on the largest foot when buying. Seems obvs yes!

Buy in the Afternoon
Your feet will enlarge slightly during the day because of walking, standing, temperature etc. Try on and buy later in the day to ensure a good fit.

Usual Socks
Try on wearing suitable socks - the ones you usually wear - nothing too thick or with tight toes. Ensure about 1cm gap after your big toe for a good fit.

Take a Walk
You must walk around the store in them and wear them inside your home before going outside in them to ensure a great fit. You can check out our Yogi Footwear Returns Policy here.

Pinch a Little?
Never buy a pair of shoes that are a teensy bit uncomfy as there really is no such thing as ‘ breaking them in’. Shoes should be comfortable from the get-go and not be dependent upon walking twenty miles wearing blister plasters!!! Ouch!

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