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Stockist Spotlight with Earlymade

For a new and exciting addition to the Yogi Journal page, we have decided to introduce you all to the world of our stockists! An area of Yogi that isn't explored often, but for you to understand our brand even more, we thought it's about time we'd show you the people who bring the brand you love to you! 

Continuing our stockist spotlight, today we have interviewed Emanuel Sousa from Bed and Brunch Collection, one of our stockists based in Portugal, who is here to talk to us all about stocking Yogi, fashion and future plans... Read on! 

Please begin with a small paragraph introducing yourself and the retailer.

BED AND BRUNCH COLLECTION is a global brand of exclusive boutiques and design hospitality, food and retail projects, such as EARLYMADE - that will be discussed throughout this blog.

These projects are devoted to the refurbishment and re-activation of historic properties in urban and countryside prime locations around the world founded by siblings Patrícia Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa from Porto, Portugal.

How long have you stocked Yogi Footwear? 

Since Summer 2021 (if I am not mistaken).

What made you want to stock Yogi Footwear? 

The ethos of the brand, its premium leather clean lines style and the long foundation history with Portugal. Namely, Portuguese know-how, the craftsmanship employed in each hand-stitched pair of shoes can only be achieved when relying on long tradition of multi-generation family owned factories. 

For example, the one they produce in Benedita, the longstanding inspiration on the Earth and Roots Shoes 70s vibe, such as, the negative heel and revamping an orthopaedic comfort shoe to contemporary lifestyle with a Londoner hype. This became a favourite every day go to of both EARLYMADE founders. 

Tell us about your favourite style of Yogi’s and why they are your favourite. 

The Willards are one of our favourites (as stated above), and quite sought after by our clients, for their posture improving qualities. For example, the negative heel, its comfort thru the seasons, and their everlasting good looks, a highly comfy slightly boxier shaped moccasin, enhancing your posture throughout the day and by experience, making you feel less tired by the end of the day. 

Do you have a best seller of Yogi? If so, which style? 

The negative heel and the vibram sole are good sellers due to the quality that Yogi shoes already entail. 

Some of the previous collaborations, such as the recent YMC X Yogi, Archer and Orson models, were a good ‘fit’ for our store and customers. It also produced an interesting cross over with another brand we stock currently, YMC, which for our clients had ‘power couple’ effect object of desire. And, we can not wait for what the future holds.

How do you recommend your customer styles their Yogis? 

‘Comfort’ and ‘timeless’ which works very well with our customers overall style, which albeit very broad, comes to terms in these two common variables, comfort and timeless. This is also an extension of our own motto or ethos as a brand ourselves and as a multi-brand concept store which every season selects timeless pieces from other brands, also produced in Portugal. Another big selling point in terms of customer confidence/trust/reliability, in terms of quality. 

 What is your store’s USP? 

Well, a certain unique fashion ‘perspective’ or singular ‘point of view' infused by Patricia and myself, who have very distinct backgrounds and personal style which reflects our own curatorial project. The strong contemporary and unique signature styles, the rework of tradition as an ethos, the attention to detail, and ultimately, the close relation of these brands and products with Portugal, namely using Portuguese materials. And we ‘see’ all of these in Yogi brand. A perfect match. 

 Is there anything specific you want to see from us in the near future?

We are already discussing with Samira and Paul (Yogi brand managers), a future collab between EARLYMADE x YOGI. Thus we are definitely looking forward to all interactions which could result from that ‘project’ in the pipeline, in terms of future social activations of both brands. and launches. We are excited and eager to discover what we can produce together in terms of design and/or new materials from what we can gain from each other.


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