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Love is in the Footwear

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue.

Yogi’s new Collection,

Has a shoe that’s made for you.

 Yogi Footwear, oatmeal suede boot

Yes, it’s that time of year again when romance hangs heavy in the air and cupid comes a calling on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for ‘the one’, hoping to reignite the flames of desire, or you’re happily single; the new collection from Yogi is filled with footwear that’s destined to steal your heart.

Fully conversant in the language of love, our resident writer, Neil (of Proper Mag fame), has provided a handy shoe lovers guide featuring this season’s heart-warming collection from Yogi.

Caden Centre Seam Suede in Dark Yellow

With its intricate hand stitching and earthy tones, the dark yellow Caden Centre Seam is the Lady Chatterley’s lover of shoes. And just like the gamekeeper Mellors in this controversial D.H. Lawrence novel, these shoes are rugged looking yet incredibly tender to the touch.

Shop Caden, in all colours, here.


Rufus Crepe Nubuck in Denim Blue

Similar to Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Napoleon and Josephine and George and Mildred, the premium nubuck and crepe materials on the Rufus were made to be together. Though unlike these high profile, historical relationships, this is one coupling that will last the distance, whilst ageing beautifully together in the process.

Shop Rufus, in all colours, here.


Lawson Reverse Nubuck Moccasin in Sage Green

As with the legendary lover Rasputin, this pair of Lawson moccasins are also a mystical sage. Albeit in relation to their wonderful green colour, rather than being a prophetic, scary-eyed intellectual with a massive beard. Made from premium suede uppers, they’re also perfect if you’re out to impress a princess, whilst their natural crepe soles will come in handy for quietly evading angry Russian revolutionaries.

Shop Lawson, in all colours, here.


Winstone Women's Crepe Leather Boot in White

If Venus the Roman God of love (and also Cupid’s mum) were to exist in footwear form, then surely she’d be a pair of white leather Winstone boots. Perfect for matching up with laurel leaves and a toga, these cherubic chukkas also provide the ideal amount of ankle support for a goddess on a mountain top.

Shop Winstone Women's here.


Caden Women's Centre Seam Suede in Pink

For the ultimate look of love, the colour pink is guaranteed to make the boys and the girls wink. These rose coloured Caden Centre Seam are where fashion and passion combine in a beautiful pair of shoes made to elicit amorous blushes from all your crushes.  

Shop Caden Women's, in all colours, here.


None of the above making your heart sing? Shop our full collection on site here.


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