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International Women's Day 2022

This month we’re celebrating International Women’s Day - a day to showcase women’s achievements and raise awareness on women’s equality, today also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This year the campaign theme is #BreakTheBias, whether deliberate or not, bias is something that makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Here at Yogi we also think it’s important to join in the celebrations for the day, this year we thought it would be a great idea to and catch up with some of the women who have featured on In the Hot Seat and see how they are and what they’ve been up to.

Attirecare’s Abi first featured on ITHS back in September 2021, her and her partner offer a range of sustainable lifestyle products and shoe care which is also featured on our website here. Author Helen Rutter featured back at the beginning of 2021 show casing her first book, The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh.

Abi wearing the Floyd Centre Seam Mule

Since the last time we spoke, what is one goal you have achieved in your career or personal life?

Abi: Back in November, we co-hosted our very first in-person event. To top it off, it was in Amsterdam, just around the corner from the HQ where me and Seb were working back in 2017 and where the idea for Attirecare first bloomed. This was a really full circle moment for me!!

Helen: Well, my first book The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh was shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards which was a pretty exciting moment!


What project are you working on at the moment?

Helen: My new book The Boy Whose Wishes Came True was released in February and so I have been doing lots of great events with schools and am looking forward to literary festivals this summer!

Abi: We’re always working simultaneously on loads of things, and we have some mega collabs launching this year which I’m so excited about! We’re also so close to being ready to launch our new product packaging that feels like we’ve been working on forever.


Which Yogis did you choose from the new collection and why?

Helen: I chose the white Reefer shoes as I wore my Rufus ones so much! The Reefer is very similar but I thought I would try these out for a bit of a change- and my Rufus ones have been worn out – they were so comfy I literally never took them off!  

Abi: I knew instantly which ones I wanted, the Floyd Suede Mule in Sand Brown. They are so versatile and comfy, easy to throw on and I can’t wait for them to be my staple shoe for spring. I’m planning to wear them with jeans and socks until it gets a little warmer when I can pair them with cute dresses!

Abi wearing the Floyd Mule


Since the last time we spoke, are there any goals that you’re still working towards?

Abi: So many! Since 2017, every year I add to a note I have saved on my phone; 17 goals for 2017, 18 goals for 2018 and so on… I haven’t ticked off any of the 22 for this year yet! On the topic of events, we’re really keen to do more of these this year, as the last few years have really made us value these in person experiences with our customers and community.

Helen: How about getting off the shortlist and actually winning the award next time?!


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Abi: It’s a day that celebrates how far women have come over the years; professionally, socially, and so on. I’m so proud to be a woman!

Helen: It feels like quite a new thing, which makes me think that even in my lifetime so much has changed for women. There is a lot to celebrate. Imagine where we will be in another twenty years.


What obstacles have you faced in the industry as a female, if any?

Helen: The children’s book world is full of women! It’s been so lovely to be surrounded by such brilliant skilled women. My editor and agent are both so talented. I feel very lucky.

Abi: In all honestly, my experience so far has only been positive from a gender perspective, but I think that comes with working in fashion initially, and now as a founder in a creative environment.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Abi: To always trust my gut feeling! Even if it turns out that a better decision could have been made, you’ll know that you went with your instincts and did your best, instead of basing decisions on external factors.

Helen: Keep doing exactly what you are doing. Everything will be ok… and if it’s not you can use it for a book.

 Helen wearing the White Reefer


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias, what does this mean to you?

Helen: It’s about fairness isn’t it. Fairness for EVERYONE. It’s not about taking something away from men, it’s about raising up women so that things are fair.

Abi: For me it means releasing the stigma on things that traditionally may put women on a lower footing than men. e.g. taking time out in their careers to have children. This shouldn’t affect their ability to continue progressing when they come back to the workplace. I saw yesterday that LinkedIn is currently rolling out an option to add ‘Career Breaks’, a new section in your profile that will positively represent skills and experiences gained during a work pause – and I love that!

 Abi wearing The Floyd Mule


Do you think it’s important to educate the younger generation on International Women’s Day if so, why?

Helen: Yes of course. My daughter still faces old fashioned attitudes from society on the role of women. I want her to feel like she can be whoever she wants.

Abi: I think like many of the calendar days and months throughout the year that provoke thought and highlight a specific area of people, it’s important. It can never be a bad thing to have more conversations on how far women have come and how much work still needs to be done for gender equality in many places and industries.

Photography by Abi


How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

Abi: I’m treating myself to some flowers. One of my ’22 in 2022’ was actually to always have fresh flowers in our apartment – a small goal, but one that really brightens up my week, and I’ve been slacking recently!

Helen: With my mum. She is 82 years old and is the best woman I know.

To get to know more on Abi and Attirecare visit here and follow their Instagram here. Find out more about Helen by visiting her website here and following her on Instagram here

 Massive thank you to both Helen and Abi for taking part in our interview, show your support this International Women’s Day by using the #BreakTheBias across your social media channels, thank you for reading!



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