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In The Hot Seat with Thando Sikawuti

Thando Sikawuti is a menswear and lifestyle content creator, his style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese fashion and culture. Sustainability and a minimal timeless design are what he values most, we caught up with Thando to chat about his work, fashion choices and style...Thando Campaign Image

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would say my style is a fusion of Scandinavian fashion and street style from Japan with a touch of South African flair. Really hard to pinpoint my style but one thing I know is that I like well-fitting clothes.

What was the first item of clothing that you bought your self? 

This was many years back when I was working in retail for Adidas Originals back in South Africa. It was red three striped classical tracksuit from Adidas.

Tell is about the oldest item in your wardrobe?

This would be a brown leather belt which I got via battering when I was studying Graphic Design in South Africa.

What is the most expensive thing you´ve ever bought, clothing-wise?

I would say it my 3 in 1 parka by Patagonia

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This season you’ll be wearing…

Up here in Norway it gets pretty cold. So, the choice of fabrics is probably the deciding factor on how comfortable one will be. So, I am currently layering in wool most of the time. Also, a big fan of heavy duty twill this time of the season.

Who are your style heroes?

My mom would be one of my style heroes. I remember how well she used to dress when I was younger. I think in general I get lot of style inspiration from women. Especially women that are not constrained by gender.

How do you style your Yogi shoes?

When dressing up in general I consider what silhouette would best match different shoes. With Yogi shoes I seem to lean to the more the wide cuts. But honestly speaking these could be styled in many ways since their design Is timeless.

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What do your Yogi shoes say about you?

Reason why I love the brand so much is because of its core values. I stand for products that are sustainably and ethically made. I champion anything that is built with these values in mind. I care deeply about Mother Nature.

Which Yogi shoes will you be adding to your spring/summer wardrobe?

I am a big fan of the Willard. One can never go wrong with a classical design like that. Definitely a shoe with a lot of versatility.

What does #gofeetfirst mean to you?

I think of comfort. Most of the time I am on my feet so generally comfort takes the front seat for my daily operations. So getting shoes that feet well is extremely important for me.

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Thank you for taking the time to sit down and take part in this interview Thando.

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