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In The Hot Seat with Matthew Spade AKA Buckets and Spades - Lockdown Edition

We chat with Matthew Spade, a freelance content creator who explores the lifestyle industry through his Buckets & Spades blog. He launched the website in 2008 to share his ideas on design, fashion and lifestyle and it has evolved into a visual diary, following Matthew and his team on their travels.

With a sharp eye for detail, the blog is a heady mix of design, architecture, style plus his edit of best food and drink from all over the globe.

We asked him about how he's coped during lockdown, from baking banana bread to how he sees style evolving after 2020. He's pictured below with his wife Hollie, who are both wearing Yogis.

We previously interviewed Matthew on our blog in August 2019 here.
Matthew Spade Yogi

Hollie wears Caden Centre Seam in Moss Green

When we last spoke to you, you described your style as casual. Do you think that after almost a year at home during the pandemic and maybe of us living in loungewear, fashion will continue to shift towards being more relaxed and comfortable for the foreseeable future? 

The thing I started doing more instantly when we went into the original lockdown was getting dressed in regular - but still comfy - clothing, rather than sticking to sweats and loungewear all the time. I feel like my dress sense has relaxed even more over the months, to a place where I feel very comfortable with the pieces I'm wearing over and over.

I think it makes sense for the emphasis to carry on, yeah; the rise of the sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatpants, but worn in less traditional ways. As we go into winter, I expect to see more loungewear with overcoats and boots.

Matthew Spade Yogi
Matthew Spade Yogi


Talking about lockdown fashion, what pieces did you live in this year?

I was pretty much in shorts and a hoodie or sweatshirt until the massive heat wave came, then it was just shorts, tee and a baseball cap. Sounds basic, but that's what felt right! To be more specific though; nylon shorts by Cartocon, sweatshirts by Lady White and Uniform Bridge, hoodies by Norse Projects and tees from the Uniqlo U range.

Have you undertaken any DIY or interior design work to your home since March?

We've done a few things but nothing massive; painted our bathroom dark green, our dining room a mushroom beige kind of colour, switched around furniture in our front room and bedroom, and as we moved into warmer weather we added quite a lot of new plants to our back garden. The big ongoing project is our front garden and driveway, which we've had to change plans on due to the pandemic, but it's something we are chipping away slowly at. We've basically been trying to catch it up with our back garden - big job!

Matthew Spade Yogi


How did you stay sane in lockdown? Did you pick up any new hobbies?

Hmmm a very good question. I've found the best thing for me personally is to have a routine; writing a daily to-do list and having specific times you'll do something really helps with my head. For instance, knowing that I'll be making a cup of coffee at 10:30 and working out or going for a run around 3pm lets me balance the other tasks (no matter how small) around that.

I'm not too sure if I have any new hobbies as such, but I enjoy reading Monocle mag, and I find carrying on conversations with people across social media makes me feel more connected on a personal level, regardless if it's connected to work or not. 

Did you find that lockdown fuelled your creativity and kept you productive, or the opposite?

Ups and downs really. I think it can be quite toxic to assume we need to be busy all the time, especially when we see others being busy. Sometimes I just want to hoover the house and stare out the window for a bit! I am quite a productive person though, and never feel bored as such. I've had big downs though, and again, pretending that isn't a thing can have you head in a spiral. I've found the one thing that actually can change my mood from a downer to positive is if the sun comes out.

Matthew Spade Yogi


What city have you been dreaming of travelling to in 2021 and why?

We never got the chance this year, but me and my mate Jordan said we would love to go back to Lisbon. The first time we went, although we did have a brilliant time, it rained every day. Such a beautiful place, I've never been anywhere like it and would love to experience it in the height of summer.

Also on the list, a break with Hollie [Matthew's partner] to Las Vegas would be ideal. If it's solo we're talking, drop me in Tokyo and let's see how I get on.

We have to ask—did you bake sourdough or banana bread this year?

Of course! I would never hate on banana bread, I reckon I could eat it every day, but I'd have to run a lot more! I didn't try making sourdough, but there's another I'd happily sample daily.

Matthew Spade Yogi


Describe your perfect weekend.

I wouldn't ask for much more than an early rise, go for a run on the beach or around the park, a walk with Hollie, watch some telly, a little DIY, cook dinner and share some decent beers. That's really all I want at the moment.

How does your style change as we transition into cooler months?

I'd say my rule is quite simple; to put on more clothes! My style doesn't really change that much over the year, I just tend to wear more weather-appropriate clothing. I've been wearing the same down jacket for 3 winters now, this will be the fourth - there's comfort to be taken from the most reliable pieces.

What are you going to get done in 2021?

Confession; I'm not really a big distance planner. I don't have a long term goal as such; the things I think about most are keeping me healthy and living a happy life with Hollie. I do hope things change in 2021; it will be different, everything will be, but right now I feel optimistic.

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