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In The Hot Seat with Harley Murphy

This month we caught up with blogger, content creator and all round girl boss, Harley Murphy for our 'In the Hot Seat' interview. 

We spoke about all things fashion, content creation and life advice...

Harley - ITHS Interview


How would you describe your personal style?

This is such a tough question as I find it so hard to even know my own personal style most days! I really really love so many different types of clothing, trends, styles etc and I really can’t commit to a single one. So I think I mostly just try and mash together everything that I like. Some days all I want to wear is a white tshirt and blue jeans, but then other days I want to clash patterns and layer dresses over trousers and experiment with different hairstyles and make up. I think I’m still figuring it out really, it honestly depends how I feel in the morning!

Tell us about the oldest item in your wardrobe and why it is special to you?

The oldest item in my wardrobe is a denim ‘Fendi Mamma Baguette’ that was my aunties, then my grandmas and then was passed onto me for Christmas a few years ago! She’s definitely well worn and loved but I still use it all the time and it goes with absolutely everything. It’s slightly bigger than the normal baguette size which is great because you can fit a camera or water bottle or any other extra essentials in it. The fact it’s been through three generations is what makes it really special to me.

Harley - ITHS Interview


Who is your biggest style icon(s)?

Number One style Icon forever is Carrie Bradshaw!! Every outfit in Sex and The City is just 10/10. I wish I could casually wear heels like she does but they make me walk like a horse.

Michelle Li is also a huge style icon for me - she is a writer, stylist and model based in NY (@himichelleli), I love the way she puts her outfits together. She makes me think of combinations I never would’ve tried before! Also her pink hair is dreamy.

On Instagram I go to @__who__is__g__ , @gracealexandriaa , @darcyemmelinemurphy , @lauraelizabethklein , @elintorr , @sianeastwilliams , @devonleecarlson , @evmascalo , @rubyredstone  and @courtneecrews for daily inspo.

If we’re talking A-List then Bella Hadid of course always looks amazing, also Hailey Bieber. I also really enjoyed all of Kendall Jenners outfits in the latest series of The Kardashians - she had this sick cardigan on one day with Dr Marten loafers and it looked so good.

What is your favourite trend of 2022 so far?

Dopamine dressing! Which is essentially dressing to boost your mood. I think this is why I like Ganni so much as all of their styling + collections promotes dopamine dressing with the way they clash prints and pair fun pieces together. I don’t believe we should ever save clothes for ‘special occasions’ - just wear whatever is going to make you happy that day.

How/why did you start Sunday Online?

Me and my bestie Polly started Sunday Online at the beginning of lockdown. We were both recent fashion graduates and wanted an online creative outlet that was completely our own - so Sunday was born! We have really similar style and interests so it was the perfect collaboration. Sunday is basically an online magazine where we’d post articles and Instagram content which eventually turned into a podcast. Sadly we haven’t worked much on Sunday recently as full time jobs + just general life really took over. Hopefully we can start it up again one day soon as we did build a really lovely community.

Harley - ITHS Interview


Where do you get you inspiration for articles/ content?

My inspiration for Sunday articles really came from whatever fashion or lifestyle based news was on my mind that day or week. I’m constantly on Pinterest, YouTube and (shamefully) Instagram so I found inspo everywhere! You can really turn anything into an article - how to style certain things, discussing a current trend, a wish list or just a feeling you have. I love writing so I like putting my thoughts down somehow and articles are a great way to do that.

When I make content it’s usually quite spur of the moment unless I’m creating for a specific collab or ad with a deadline. I still don’t really love having my photo taken - does anyone?? - so any outfit pictures you see are usually because I’ve woken up feeling happy and confident and randomly pulled a cute outfit together! Then if I spot a nice location I’ll ask whoever I’m with to grab a picture for me (usually my boyfriend who is becoming quite the pro at angles). Whenever I’ve tried to get ready specifically to go and shoot outfit pictures I always feel a lot of pressure and insecurities get the best of me - so for me it’s easier to wait until I naturally feel good and I think that shows through the content.

I also try to just keep an eye out for things that look cute or appealing to me and then make sure to capture it, I love putting stuff into photo dumps and highlighting the lovely little parts of the week like some flowers or a nice dinner.

What would your advice be for someone who wants to pursue fashion and/or content creation?

In terms of content creation I think being authentic to your own style and the things you like is 10000% the most important thing. Don’t try and copy someone else’s content, when I first started posting more consistently I thought I needed to have amazingly shot, well lit images taken outside always and nothing else would do well. But the posts that ended up gaining me followers were just the crappy mirror pictures I took at work of my outfits! To this day, those are still the posts that get the best engagement for me, even compared to an ad that I’ve spent time properly curating. I think people like to see real life - so just be yourself :)

As for fashion - this is a difficult one. When I left uni after studying Fashion Promotion I thought working in fashion and social media would be the absolute dream. But after having a few full time social media positions and gaining a small bit of experience in the fashion industry - it’s very very stressful (for me personally). 

Obviously I still love fashion and social media but now I’m trying to take it more on my own terms by just working for myself and in a lovely independent store that’s really authentic to my personal style. My main piece of advice is have boundaries and don’t overwork yourself just to make someone else happy - it’s not worth it and you will burn out. Take things at your own pace and don’t be afraid to say no.

Harley, tell us about Brighton, if we were visiting, what’s your perfect day out in your Yogis?

I love living in Brighton! I recently walked past a coffee shop and heard a man outside say “It feels like every day is Sunday when you live here” and he’s so right! It feels like a super relaxing place to be, maybe it’s being by the sea.

My perfect day out in my Yogis would start by heading into the lanes for brunch and coffee with a friend or my boyfriend. Then doing a little bit of retail therapy in all the amazing independents and taking our time wandering around town - maybe grabbing another coffee - usually at Loam or Flour Pot. An afternoon spent at the beach would be the best way to finish off the day - which my yogis would be ideal for as those rocks are not foot friendly. Sunbathing and maybe a little swimming accompanied by a few beers and watching the sunset! 

Harley - ITHS Interview


How do you style your Yogi shoes?

The Yogi’s I went for are the ‘Floyd II Mule in Sage Green’ as I’m absolutely loving anything that you can easily slip onto your feet! I’m living in clogs and chunky sliders at the moment. I like to style mine with wide baggy trousers or long dresses - and cute socks of course. Tie dye ribbed ones are usually my go to’s. 

What do your Yogi shoes say about you?

I think my chosen Yogi’s really represent the things that are important to my personal style - comfort combined with nice colours and fabrics. I think the fact they’re a comfy and easy to wear shoe says a lot about my day to day life - taking things slow is really important to me after having a slightly hectic beginning to the year and I don’t want to wear or do anything that is uncomfortable or annoying haha! 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given and/or a quote you live by?

I’m currently really trying to live by the advice of not caring what other people think of you - which is easier said than done. I think spending too much time worrying in my own head never makes me feel good so just trying to live in the moment and push those insecurities aside is the best way to live. People will always have something to think or say about everyone - but you should try your best to not let the silly things affect you or how you feel about yourself.

We want to say a huge thank you to Harley for taking part in our 'In the Hot Seat' interview. Be sure to check out Harley's Instagram @hrlsmrphy for the ultimate fashion and lifestyle inspo. 

For all things Yogi, follow us on Instagram @yogifootwear


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