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In the Hot Seat with Microdot Creative Director Brian Cannon

Brian Cannon is a British graphic designer, art director, photographer, band manager and music video director. He founded Microdot Creative, a graphic design agency known for creating some of the most seminal album art of the 90s, including Oasis' Definitely Maybe in 1994. This was followed by designing a slew of UK number one records, including (What's The Story) Morning Glory (Oasis), Be Here Now (Oasis), Urban Hymns (The Verve) and 1977 (Ash).
Cannon's highly recognisable photography style is known for being grandiose, complicated and for requiring time-consuming shoots.
We caught up with Cannon to ask him about his style influences and what he was doing in the 90s.
Brian Cannon Yogi
Have any album covers influenced your personal style?
I was heavily influenced by Punk Rock in general, not so much a specific cover but the genre as a whole. I actually took more influence from fine art paintings I had studied whilst doing my A levels. Definitely Maybe for example was influenced by the works of Flemish renaissance painters of the 15th century and Wonderwall by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte.
Brian Cannon Yogi
Can you tell us any behind the scenes stories from your album covers?

I know people must think that as I worked with some hell-raisers then rock 'n' roll tales of excess must accompany the sleeves themselves, unfortunately, sorry to be boring, but no! When we were working, we were working and everyone, the bands and all Microdot staff included were consummate professionals. We were like the SAS, we knew we only had once go at most of the sleeves we did so nothing was left to chance. When the work was done, however, then that was a different story…..
Brian Cannon Yogi
What was it like to be part of such an iconic moment in British music when you created the album cover for Definitely Maybe?

Was an absolute dream come true, everything I had ever worked toward and for. An experience that still to this day defines and shapes my career.
Brian Cannon Yogi
If you could pull off any musician's statement look, whose look would it be?

George Harrison circa 1965, his Help & Rubber Soul era look.

Yogi was born in the 90s, what were you doing, what were you wearing and what were you listening to back in the day?

In the 90s I was having the time of my life, working with Oasis, The Verve and many more. I actually had a pair of Yogi’s in the 90s and I loved them! Listening to the Beatles, Stone Roses, Acid House, Motown, and all the bands I was working with.
Brian Cannon Yogi
How has your style changed over the years?

Remained pretty similar really, it all ultimately dates back to the football terrace culture of the 80s and developed from there.

What is your favourite Yogi style and why?

I really like the current collab with Hikerdelic, look great and super comfy.
Brian wears our Yogi x Hikerdelic Clothing and Apparel Eric Suede Chukka Boot.

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