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In the Hot Seat with Charley Allen

Charley Allen is the head of Footwear and Watches at one of our newest stockists, Huckberry. Huckberry was born in 2010 to co founders Andy Forch and Richard Greiner because of their love of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They decided that Huckberry was the perfect totem for the spirit of adventure they wanted the brand to embody. They are mostly an online brand, just like Yogi Footwear, however they do have one store in NYC if you wanted to pay them a visit! 

Charley Allen, Huckberry

We sat down with Charley to discuss all things style, and of course Yogi! 

Describe your personal style:

I moved around a ton growing up, so I've spent a lot of time living in dozens of different places -- each one unique from the other in terms of what everyone wore. I think my personal style subtly reflects elements of just about each place I've lived (Maine, Boston, Illinois, Minnesota, and California, among a couple others). I think the most succinct description might be preppie meets north woodsman meets surfer. You can usually find me in a wool sweater, jeans or cords, and a pair of desert boots or flip-flops!    

What was the first item of clothing you ever bought for yourself?

Do accessories count? If so it was a digital black and red Nike sports watch from in ~2001. Wore that thing everyday for maybe 5 years until I finally broke the screen going over the handlebars of my bike!

If we're talking clothes I think it was a birdseye wool sweater from L.L. Bean in ~2007 that I still have in my closet and wear anytime the temperature drops below 65 degrees (Fahrenheit). 

Any faux-pas you'd rather forget...?

More than a few: extra long and super loose fitting jeans, pants that zip off into shorts, long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt...

Tell us about the oldest item in your wardrobe:

That would be the birdseye wool sweater from L.L. Bean I mentioned earlier. I was living in Boston at the time and it gets wicked cold in the winter. My dad wears a couple of sweaters he's had for as long as I've been alive, and I've always admired them. I always wanted to have one like his. So one fall after I had saved enough money from my summer job I told him I wanted to get one like his. He took me shopping and said he wouldn't pick it out for me, but whatever I decided to buy to just make sure its something I'll wear forever and take care of forever. The rest is history. 
What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought, clothing-wise?

Probably a pair of boots. Not going to say how much ;)
How do you style your Yogi shoes?

I love wearing mine with a pair of faded cuffed jeans or Flint & Tinder's 365 pants. 

Yogi was born in the 90s, what were you doing, what were you wearing and what were you listening to back in the day?

I was anywhere from not born to 9 years old, so it's a little hard to say. But based on my childhood pictures I was probably rocking (apart from a diaper) denim suspenders, velcro Reeboks, and or a primary coloured t-shirt. Not really sure what kind of music I was into back then...

This season you'll be wearing...

Well, apart from my wool L.L. Bean sweater, probably the latest from Flint & Tinder, Finisterre, Rhodes boots, and of course Yogi!

Who are your style heroes? (past and present)

Paul Newman, Ernest Hemingway, Daniel Craig, and Tom Brady

What fragrance do you wear?

Mostly Polo Blue

Which is the best dressed nation?

Japan is pretty next level. But honestly I'm going to say the USA, just based on the spectrum of what we have. We have New York City and LA as hubs of global fashion. But we also have so much geographic and climactic diversity that there are tons of sartorially distinct parts of the country that are cool and push the envelope in their own ways (mountain towns, beach towns, desert towns etc). 

What can we expect to see for Autumn/Winter?

I think we can continue seeing outdoor lifestyle fuse with traditional fashion (Patagonia is officially streetwear for example). Plus expect to see a lot of retro 80's/90's colour packs. 
Which Yogi shoes will you be adding to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

Ooh this is hard. There are a few I'd love to add, but I think I have my eyes on the Willard in tumbled leather. They're just so cool. 

If you'd like a pair of Yogi shoes for yourself, check out our website for the current season. And if you want to find out more about Huckberry and read the full story behind the brand, you can check out the Huckberry site here.


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