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In The Hot Seat With Abi and Seb from Attirecare

Attirecare is one place where you can shop responsibly-made care products for all aspects of your lifestyle, all under one roof.

The faces behind the concept, Abi and Seb, started the brand when living in Amsterdam during their fashion degree in 2017, where they were inspired by the lifestyle stores.

Now based in Manchester, Attirecare offers their made to order their sustainable product range on their website.

Yogi Attirecare

When creating Attirecare why was sustainability so important to you?

We both studied fashion at uni, and were taught a lot about the huge impact the industry has on our planet, so it’s been imbedded in us for a while. When starting our business, we wanted to make sure that everything we did had sustainable roots and solutions. From the purpose of the products themselves, to our own daily choices, alongside easily achievable wins such as packaging - we try to have as little impact as possible and always be conscious of what we are putting out into the world.

Do you think working with in the fashion industry played a role within the design and development of your products?

100%. We learnt so much in our previous roles about everything from colours to logistics, and a lot of stuff crosses over in our day to day roles now. In particular though, the amount of new brands across the world that we were introduced to served so much inspiration for us when developing our own products. We wanted to create a simplistic design that works well within all kinds of homes and wardrobes.

Attirecare Yogi

What are your top 3 products that you’ve created?

Abi: My most used is definitely the Clean Home and Upholstery Spray (I’m constantly cleaning up after our pup Jax) however my favourite product is probably the Garment Spray, but it’s super hard to choose! We use all of our products all the time, which is why we’re so proud of them.

Seb: My most used is definitely the Shoe Cleaning Set, and it’s the first product we created! I’m also a huge fan of the Crease Release and use this daily - probably because I hate ironing. My other favourite is one that is actually yet to launch; a stain remover made from vegetables!

How did you come up with the name Attirecare?

We always liked the name Attire for a clothing brand, and then when it came about that we wanted to look into the care side of things, it just came straight away. We like the thought that a person’s ‘Attire’ can be any part of their lifestyle, and our products are an extension for whatever their Attire means to them.

Attirecare Yogi

Why is Attirecare is a good fit for Yogi?

We appreciate longevity, craftsmanship and great quality in anything we buy, and Yogi definitely ticks those boxes. We’re also both pretty casual people so we love that we can wear the styles from day to night and still look great!

How do you take care of your Yogi’s using Attirecare?

First thing’s first, get them protected straight out of the box! After that its just about upkeep; keep them clean and fresh with the Cleaning Solution and Shoe Deodoriser.

Attirecare Yogi

What can we expect to see from Attirecare in the future?

We have so many ideas and things we want to do. We absolutely love working collaboratively with likeminded brands, so definitely more of that, more new products and sectors and hopefully our own physical space one day!

What is the first piece of clothing you bought for yourself?

Abi: According to my mum, I’ve been dressing myself since I was 4 - which explains some of the absolute train wreck outfits I’m wearing in my childhood photos!! But the one that sticks out as my first purchase is a pair of BDG jeans I got from urban outfitters that I still have to this day, and have since been cut into shorts. I remember the £55 price tag being a huge deal and I’d had to save up for them.

Seb: A pair of navy blue Nike Dunks. Me and my brother bought matching pairs when we were super young!

Any Fashion faux-pas you would rather forget?

Seb used to wear breton-striped everything, at the same time, in different colours, all at once. He also had this shaggy Burberry coat that he'd found in a charity shop that he adored and I secretly hated.. It took me years to tell him. I’ve probably had more questionable hair styles and makeup disasters than fashion no's, but it definitely took a while to find my style and I was happy to try out every single option first, ha!

What will you be wearing this season?

Abi: My latest purchase was this animal print mohair jumper I managed to get in the sale from Remain Birger Christensen and I have literally not taken it off… so probably that in a variation of ways for me!

Seb: I love layering and my go-to’s this season will probably be the same as last year; leather Red Wings and a fur-lined Aries jacket from last season.

Yogi Attirecare

Yogi was founded in the 90’s what were you doing then?

We were both born in 1995 - so don’t remember much of the 90’s! Probably watching Rugrats, or maybe we’d just got our hands on Tamagotchis.

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