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In The Hot Seat: The Modern Draper

In our series of Yogi Footwear Interviews, we've been meeting our stockists around the globe to find out more about their stores, their unique history and how they wear their Yogis.

In the hot seat this week, meet Chris Terry, owner of The Modern Draper which offers contemporary menswear collections from their store in Beverley which opened in 2017. 

Yogi Footwear the Modern Draper

Describe your personal style.

Chris Terry: I suppose it's 'aging acid casual down the pub'. Avoiding anything too overtly fashionable (nowadays) in favour of a mix of timeless heritage brands, contemporary pieces from the brands stocked in my store combined with bits of sportswear and outdoor gear. Essentially The Modern Draper is an extension of my wardrobe!

What was the first item of clothing you ever bought for yourself?

Chris Terry: When I was a youngster I was fashion-aware from a pretty early age but unlike nowadays, there wasn't much available in kids sizes in the kind of stuff I wanted to wear. That said, I was desperate to wear all the (then) current brands and so I convinced myself that the pink Benetton jumper really did fit me when in fact it came down to my knees.

Any faux-pas you'd rather forget...?

Chris Terry: It's a toss-up between my cowboy boot and poncho phase once sported down the Hacienda, the leather trouser and biker boot period (Venus Nottingham) or the aforementioned pink Benetton jumper (Down the park with an underage bottle of Woodpecker cider).

Yogi Footwear the Modern Draper

Tell us about the oldest item in your wardrobe.

Chris Terry: I have a very old vintage Woolrich Melton wool coat in the classic red and black check that I love that's definitely a lot older than me (I'm 48) but in terms of items bought from new it's most likely a pair of Red Wing boots that now well into their teens.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought, clothing-wise?

Chris Terry: I'm not really into ludicrously expensive things for the sake of it but I do currently have an amazing Norse Projects down filled coat made from an incredible wool fabric produced by Loro Piana wool that somehow is entirely waterproof. I think my wonderful fiancée Lisa sold a kidney for that Christmas present.

How do you style your Yogi shoes?

Chris Terry: Mostly I try to put them on the right feet and not trip over my laces but more often than not, I wear them with a nice pair of selvage denim and a pair of posh socks, probably from Anonymousism or Rototo.

What do your Yogi shoes say about you?

Chris Terry: I'm a freewheelin' kinda chap! Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

Yogi was born in the 90s, what were you doing, what were you wearing and what were you listening to back in the day?

Chris Terry: As an Acid House devotee, I was mostly falling in and out of various clubs, parties and raves in fields.

I was living in Manchester in the late 80's and early 90's working at the much missed L'Homme menswear store. I remember sporting Junior Gaultier, Comme des Garcons, Walter Van Beirendonck and Armand Basi . Travel Fox trainers were the order of the day.

Somehow I later managed to open two of my own fashion stores in Hull during this period that catered primarily to the then-exploding club scene.

Evolution was the more designer-orientated store where the menswear brands that ended up in my wardrobe included Michiko Koshino, John Richmond, Joe Casely-Hayford and Duffer of St George ( a Yogi connection there I believe!) I later opened Space which was more street and club focussed and stocked labels like Stussy, Carhartt, Vans, Hysteric Glamour and Good Enough alongside 'old-school' deadstock trainers such as Adidas Shelltoes and Gazelles (well before these styles were re-released).

This season you'll be wearing...

Chris Terry: Corduroy everything and I've got my eye on a Barbour x Engineered Garments coat.

Yogi Footwear the Modern Draper

Who are your style heroes? (past and present)

Chris Terry: More 'past' than 'present' but here goes...

An honourable mention to my old boss, Richard Crème, the owner of L'Homme in Manchester who sadly passed away recently. Richard was unusually tall and a style giant. He made for an impressive sight in his custom made Comme suits.

Bowie and Ferry for obvious reasons. Alain Delon, Steve McQueen, David Hockney, David Sylvian (that barnet) Grace Jones 'cos she can rock a costume change like no other. The Beastie Boys. Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys.

What fragrance do you wear?

Chris Terry: Currently alternating between two from Bon Parfumeur Paris - 701 and 902. I always keep coming back to Acqua di Parma which is a true classic.

Which is the best dressed nation?

Chris Terry: A toss-up between Italy and the Scandinavian countries for very different reasons.

What can we expect to see for Autumn/Winter?

Chris Terry: Less streetwear, more menswear. Corduroy underpants __

Which Yogi shoes will you be adding to your Autumn Winter wardrobe?

Chris Terry: I love the Lawson style in Olive suede.

Tell us about your store? What can we expect to find there?

Chris Terry: The Modern Draper is based in Beverley which is a lovely market town, not far from Hull. The store itself is In a listed building in the Georgian Quarter of the town.

You will find - good coffee, a warm welcome, terrible jokes and a wide range of carefully edited, globally sourced brands.

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