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In the Hot Seat: Jordan Buggenhout and Missak Vehouni of Atelier Bleu Store

In our series of Yogi Footwear Interviews, we've been meeting our stockists around the globe to find out more about their stores, their unique history and how they wear their Yogis.

Meet Jordan Buggenhout  and Missak Vehouni co-owners of  Atelier Bleu the independent store for men based in Brussels in Belgium. The duo met in 2006 at High School but it was in 2013 that they started work on their master plan to bring their worldwide edit of luxury menswear brands under one roof. Their store opened in 2016 stocking the finest modern classics and premium denim brands from around the globe.

Describe your personal style:

Jordan: Depends on my mood of the day, but I’m kind of minimalist: black tee, jeans, canvas shoes. That’s my go to style.
Missak: Good jeans with any kind of sneakers is my basic style. On top I’ll pop over a basic T-shirt or a good old shirt.

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What was the first item of clothing you ever bought for yourself?
Jordan: A pair of jeans, if my memory is right, they were Nudie.
Missak: I think that the first piece of clothing i bought with my pocket money was a pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers when I was about 14-15.

Any faux-pas you'd rather forget...?

Jordan: The Fluokids experience.

Missak: When I was a teenager mixing plenty of different styles altogether that did not really look like much.

Tell us about the oldest item in your wardrobe:
Jordan: An old « Bleu de travail », which I found in a second hand store.
Missak: The oldest item I have in my wardrobe would be a technical jacket that I got when I was 16. Which means that I have had it for more than 13 years now.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought, clothing-wise?
JordanA Monitaly Parka Jacket. Grey felt, with a lot of little details, still one of my favourite piece in my wardrobe.

Missak: The most expensive piece of clothing was that technical jacket. Probably my best investement.

How do you style your Yogi shoes?
Jordan: Croped pant, with a nice pair of socks.
Missak I would just switch them in instead of the usual sneakers. I think you can wear them with nearly anything.

What do your Yogi shoes say about you?
Jordan/Missak : Too cool for school!

Yogi was born in the 90s, what were you doing, what were you wearing and what were you listening to back in the day?
Jordan: In the 90s, I was still a kid, my mum was still deciding what I was wearing. About the music, one of the song which marked me was The Real Slim Shady from Eminem.
Missak: I was in primary school, I wore GAP turtle necks and loved listening to AQUA, Will Smith and the Smashing Pumpkins


This season you'll be wearing...
Jordan: Waiting impatiently for a pull-over from Patagonia, wide-pant from Universal Works, and the Yogi Caden shoes from the Classic range.
Missak: Some New Balance Sneakers, a good old Japanese denim jeans and some technical jacket.

Who are your style heroes? (past and present)
Jordan: Past it was Pharell Williams, for me this guy was, and is still a genius. Even though he has made a lot of commercial stuff. Present, there’s one Instagramer which has a strong influence on me it’s @yuthanan__
Missak: I am really fascinated by the style from the 50’s, those guys with their impeccable suits. To this day I think Alessandro Squarzi has some pretty solid style.


What fragrance do you wear?
Jordan: No fragance, just some essentiel oils time to time

Missak: Terre D’homme by Hermes, rarely put it on though.

Which is the best dressed nation?
Jordan : JAPAN!
Missak: Japan such richness and variety.

What can we expect to see for Spring/Summer?
Jordan : More colors
Missak: Some punchy colors and a play of frabrics.

Which Yogi shoes will you be adding to your Spring/Summer wardrobe?
Jordan : The Lawson, hasn’t decided on the color yet though
Missak: The Lucas Vibram in Tan Suede.

Tell us about your store? What can we expect to find there?
Jordan: Good quality clothing, a selection you won't find anywhere, some good advice from Missak and I, a beer if you’ve been kind to us.
Missak: We sell well-made contemporary classics for men. You’ll find an impressive selection of fine denim and anything that could nicely dress up those jeans.

Visit Atelier Bleu here for your Yogi Shoes.

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