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How to: Wear Yogi's at a Festival - A Do's and Don'ts Guide

How to: Wear Yogi's at a Festival - A Do's and Don'ts List

Festival season is here, even if last year's epic summer weather isn't. If you've already bagged yourself some tickets to a festival, then you'll no doubt be thinking about what to take with you.

For those of you that have been to a festival before you will have the added benefit of past experience and lessons learned. But for those of you who are newcomers to this type of event, we've got some top do's and dont's when it comes to festival footwear to prevent you from making any drastic mistakes. 


1. Consider the weather

So simple, but so important. Festivals can be a totally different experience when you have to endure one in the rain and wind compared to a dreamy British summers day. Keep your eye on the forecast in the weeks/days running up to the festival and be ready to change your shoe options (and clothes for that matter) at a moments notice. Here at Yogi Footwear we have a range of styles that suit the sun and suit the rain.

2. Research the location

It's also important to remember the types or terrain the festival is set on. Street festivals can be hard on the feet, beaches can get hot and fields can get muddy, so you'll need to adjust your footwear accordingly. 

For beach festivals, think light and airy, anything that helps keep the swear at bay will be perfect. All of our insoles are made from natural leathers that absorb sweat when worn, which will evaporate when you take them off after all the festival action.

For field festivals, take something that are easily wipeable incase you're caught in a mudbath. Our Lucas Moccasin boot comes in both Black and Brown, and are made from a smooth leather which can be cleaned and wiped down easily. We also have some more contemporary styles like the Winstone Crepe leather boot in Black and Brown

For street festivals, any of our classic negative heel footwear would be perfect. The design slants down from your toes to heels which promotes good posture and walking in the most natural way because it relives pressure from the back. Our negative heel design can be seen in the ElijahWillard and Lennon styles.

3. Go for something sturdy

The majority of festivals are heavy going and require a lot of walking, even if the weather is kind, it's recommended you take something durable and long wearing. Leather is always a great choice as its comfortable, strong and easily cleaned. Here at Yogi we use locally sourced leathers to make all of our shoes. If you want to know more about the process a Yogi shoe goes through before you buy a pair, you can read more about it here.

4. Take multiple pairs (if you can)

No you don't have to take a new pair for every day of the festival, especially if you've got early bird tickets to Glastonbury, but it's still good to give yourself options. For example, if you're set on taking wellies, just incase the inevitable happens and the heavens open, it can be nice to take a pair of moccasins or boots to give your legs and feet a breather between performances. 

Black Yogi Footwear boots in a field


1. Wear White

I'm pretty sure that this one goes without saying, but do not wear White/pale colours. Which unfortunately means our beloved White Albam X Yogi spring shoe is out the window (save them for a summer wedding). Instead, opt for darker colours as it's much safer!

2. Expose your toes

Even if you're not planning on being part of a mosh pit (those days are far behind some of us), festival crowds can be fast and stompy - no place for wandering around with your toes out and unprotected! We know this one can be frustrating, especially if the sun graces us with its presence, but it's better than ruining the whole festival experience when someone accidentally steps on them. Lucky for you, all of our footwear keeps your toes safe and out of the elements. You can shop the full range here

3. Choose fashion over function 

Whilst fashion is a huge part of the festival experience, you don't want to be too concerned with your sore feet that you miss your favourite band take the main stage!

4. Take your favourite shoes 

Everyone is guilty of having a favourite pair of shoes they would never take off if they could get away with it (and no, I don't mean your slippers - don't take those with you either). Do not take your favourite pair with you, no matter how much you love them. The festival will not love them back. There's so many hazards, like mud, rain, burger sauce, beer, general child-made stickiness and spills, it just isn't worth it. Unless your Yogi's are your favourites, then we suggest you do take those. If you don't have a pair yet, you can shop the range here.



[Feature image by: St Christopher's Inns]


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