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How to care for your Yogi shoes

You've purchased your new Yogi Shoes and, with the colder and inclement months ahead, we’d like to share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up over the years to care for your Yogis, extend their wear and improve their appearance with age.

Firstly we use the best locally sourced materials, which is a good start point. Quality equals longevity, and at Yogi we pride ourselves on crafting honest product at an honest price.

It’s essential not to wear the same pair of shoes on a daily basis. Yogi products are crafted from natural materials, and so your shoes need time to air between outings, it’s important to alternate between pairs and give your Yogis time to recover.

Use shoe trees when storing your Yogis. Wooden shoe trees (preferably cedar) are superior to plastic as they absorb moisture, and maintain the shape of your shoes. Alternatively good old rolled up tissue will also help to keep your Yogis shape and absorb moisture whilst in storage or travelling.

If possible use a dust bag to store your shoes. It will keep out dust and light to prevent fading and will absorb any humidity whilst letting the leather breathe.

Clean your Yogis regularly to ensure they’re always in pristine condition. Use a good leather conditioner or cream applied with a soft cloth - this will ‘feed’ the leather - and buff the leather gently to the required finish.

Brush suede shoes with a soft to medium horsehair brush, going against the nap or pile will breathe new life into suede whilst removing dirt and dust.

Crepe rubber is also a natural material, and we’re often asked how to clean crepe soles. Prepare a weak detergent solution in warm water and gently lather the crepe with a soft cloth, repeat and leave to air dry. Spot-clean using an old toothbrush or a pencil eraser.

Hope you enjoy wearing your Yogis.


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