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Hannah Rochell of En Brogue: Favourite Four New Season Styles

When the lovely people at Yogi asked me if I wanted to pick my favourite four styles from their new season collection to give my seal of approval, I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Because really, how DO you pick just four pairs from this brilliant edit of classic styles in autumnal hues that are likely to be the most comfortable shoes that will ever grace your feet? But I do like a challenge, and, reader, you’ll be pleased to hear that I managed it.

Hannah Rochell of En Brogue

As a slow shopper - I gave up shopping entirely last year - it’s important to me that I choose shoes that will work with a variety of different outfits and aesthetics. Any shoes that get the thumbs up from me have to be really hard workers that will continue the hard graft for years to come. Luckily, Yogi’s clever timeless designs all do exactly that; the styles I have picked just so happen to suit my wardrobe but as you can see, I have an eclectic collection of pretty loud clothes, so the chances are that my edit will work brilliantly for you too.

Hannah Rochell Caden Yogi

Let’s start with Caden - a rustic desert boot with the obligatory crepe sole (unrivaled for comfort, in my opinion) and a neat centre seam reminiscent of a Cornish pasty. The suede is soft as butter (no rubbing here!) and I love the chunky leather laces. The slightly lower-than-your-average-desert-boot cut is really flattering on the ankles and is a bit easier to wear than a taller boot, especially if you don’t have particularly long legs (I’m 5ft3”). 

Hannah Rochell Rufus Yogi

My second choice is Rufus, a sneaker shape that’s minimal enough to work with a Liberty print maxi dress (you can’t say that about many pairs of trainers). The gorgeous shade I am wearing here is called ‘canary’, but I absolutely love them in white, too. 

Hannah Rochell Willard Yogi

Next: calling all moccasin fans! Willard takes this ancient style of shoe and really runs with it with the addition of Yogi’s negative heel sole. This is built for comfort (of course, what else would you expect from Yogi?!) but it also encourages a “heel first” action when you walk, which in turn improves posture. I’m a big fan of this burgundy colour, as well as the suede detailing on the toe.

Hannah Rochell Finn Yogi

You’ll find the same negative heel sole, which is made from natural rubber, on my final pick: Finn. I’ve opted for this cool iced coffee shade of ‘latte’ because it’s a modern, interesting take on neutral.

So there you have it: my top four styles from Yogi’s autumn winter collection. Now you just have to narrow it down to your favourite...

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