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Fix him up with some phenomenal footwear this Father’s Day by Neil of Proper Magazine

OK so Father’s day is officially the trickiest anniversary to buy presents for as chances are by the time that you’re old enough to buy your dad a present he’s already got everything he needs. Though it’s also likely that over the years Pops has tended to spend his hard earned money on his kids wardrobe rather than his own. Which gives us all the perfect opportunity to present our beloved patriarchs with a brand new pair of Yogis. Imagine the look on his face when he opens up a pair of these and realises he can finally throw those 15 year old crocs in the bin. Proceeding to walk around the Garden Centre in them with the type of paternal pride he’s not displayed since you got the starring role in the school play that time. So what follows is a round up of Yogi Footwear that are guaranteed to put you in your dad’s good books (rather than those dodgy ones he keeps hidden in the back of his shed).


Elba Sandal
Inspired by a Portugeuse Fisherman’s sandal the Elba Sandal is the ultimate Summer shoe. Whilst your dad’s been rocking sandals with socks for several decades these are finally a safe buy now that fashion has caught up with him and this is now one of the strongest looks of 2020. Shop Elba here.

 yogi footwear willard

Willard Reverse Vamp
If you want to help rectify your dad's dodgy posture caused by all those years of lifting you high up onto tree branches and bending over to pick up your discarded Lego, then the Willard is the one. A super comfortable shoe it also features a negative heel sole that will have him back walking tall in no time. Well at last until he has to look after the grand-kids whilst you nip out to do some shopping for a couple of hours. What was that loud cracking sound you heard just before shutting the door behind you? Shop Willard here.


Orson sand

The sandy suede uppers of these awesome Orson shoes will hopefully bring back some wonderful memories of family holidays at the seaside where dad would always be the first to volunteer for being buried on the beach. Just don’t bring up that time he got stung by a weaver fish and had to be rushed off to A&E on a quad bike screaming in pain as crowds of people laughed at him for putting his wetsuit on back to front. Shop Orson here.

 yogi footwear lennon

Lennon Hairy Suede Tan
These centre seamed beauties will allow you to remind your dear papa of all those times that he told you to ‘Get your bloody hair cut!’. Despite his cries of disapproval you stuck to your guns by staying hairy and still made a success of yourself. So much so that you can now afford to treat your fabulous father to some premium hand stitched ‘hairy’ footwear. In your face dad! Shop Lennon here.

 yogi footwear glenn boot cola

Glenn Boot Cola
Now that your dad isn’t allowed to have sweet things why not give him something cola flavoured that won’t play havoc with his blood sugar levels? These crepe sole, cola coloured Glenn boots should hit his sweet spot without and fear of your mum angrily chasing him around the kitchen with a wooden spoon. Shop Glenn Boot here.


Lawson in Sage Green
If your dad is obsessed with maintaining the highest gardening standards possible then these sage coloured Lawson moccasins should appeal to his inner Monty Don. You could even pretend that the vegetable tanned leather footbed was made using produce gathered from his local allotment, because a little green lie never hurt anyone. Shop Lawson here.

Shop Yogi Footwear here.


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