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Fall For Burnt Orange by Hannah Rochell

Forget the notion that fashion is all about the new. It’s a myth! Having been a fashion writer for the last 12 years, I can tell you that while hem lines might rise and fall and trouser widths fluctuate more frequently than you can keep up with, some of the same ideas pop up every single year without fail. Whether it’s on the catwalk, on the high street or on the pages of magazines, there are certain themes you can always rely on. Christmas? It’s sequins. Summer? Safari chic. To quote The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly, “Florals? In spring? Groundbreaking!”. And when it comes to autumn, it’s time to take inspiration from the changing colours of nature, as warm burnt oranges to take centre stage in your wardrobe.

I LOVE this colour and all its earthy variants, which take their cue from seasonal sources like pumpkin patches and maple leaves. It’s more flattering than oranges at the fruitier end of the spectrum like tangerine and apricot, and as such, suits most skin tones. It also goes with far more other colours than you might imagine - here I’ve clashed it with a bright turquoise-green and a pop of lemon yellow which on paper is a bit bonkers, but actually isn’t that scary in practice. It also works brilliantly when used on the textured fabrics that really come into their own at this time of year, such as leather, suede, silk and corduroy (seriously, is there anything better than a pair of burnt orange cords?!). Burnt orange is also the perfect partner for a pattern that’s now so ubiquitous in many women’s wardrobes that it’s basically a neutral - leopard print - which also usually has a warm orange tones incorporated into the print. Basically, the sky’s the limit with burnt orange, because it literally goes with everything.

So it comes as no surprise that Yogi Footwear’s Miss Rufus leather trainer looks cracking in burnt orange, too. It’s an ideal match for those chunky leather laces and creamy crepe sole, and really encapsulates the spirit of autumn. It’s also a really practical shoe for this time of year, being both comfortable and durable - ideal if you, like me, spend most Sundays at this time of year taking long woodland walks followed by pub lunches next to an open fire. I’d also be partial to pairing Rufus with a chunky patterned sock once the mercury drops.

Yogi Footwear, Rufus Burnt Orange

This annual revisiting of trends is all great news if you’re trying to be more sustainable while still staying stylish; you can bring out certain seasonal pieces that suit the time of year, rather than feeling like you have to rush out and buy into new trends, because the chances are that this season’s trends are exactly the same as last year’s anyway. Which means a pair of Miss Rufus in burnt orange will look just as fresh when the leaves start to turn next year, and the year after…

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