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Crafting: The Art of Making of Beautiful Yogi Shoes

There is a revolution afoot in the fashion world towards individuality and style, moving away from what’s trending and cheap. It seems that interest in sustainable, reusable products is gathering momentum. Quality items with longevity are key so it is time to celebrate brands which are built with this in mind. Yogi shoes have been created to give you the best of both worlds, offering a stylish look that has been handcrafted and created to last for seasons to come.

The global market is now overcrowded with highly manufactured goods of similar design, and use of non-sustainable low quality materials has been predominant. Fast disposable fashion is now losing its appeal as customers seek out quality materials and hand crafted goods.

Yogi Shoes are handcrafted but what does handcrafted actually mean with regard to shoes? What’s the difference between a custom made pair and a handcrafted pair? 

Basically, if there is some use of machinery in the process of making a shoe, then that shoe can be identified as handcrafted. A shoe that is made for you as an individual and only for you, is said to be custom made.

Handcrafted shoes are made using some help from machinery but as much as possible is still done by hand. It speeds up the actual making process, but still requires great attention to detail and includes aspects of traditional methods of shoemaking, in order to provide a high quality product.

If you are the kind of guy who likes to know where your shoes are made, you may have noticed that Yogi shoes carry the “Made in Portugal” label. The Portuguese handcrafted footwear industry has experienced a massive uplift in recent years and “Made in Portugal” is fast becoming recognised being as synonymous for quality craftsmanship.

The original Yogi Footwear brand was inspired by the negative heel which was born out of the musical subcultures of the 70s and 80s. The Heritage collection relaunched with three shapes, Lennon, Orson and Willard all of which are hand made in Portugal, at a specialist third generation moccasin factory.

The Classic Collection features a further range of moccasin styles, also hand crafted, featuring full leather, leather laces and natural crepe & vibram sole units. The Classic collection has an unlined moccasin construction which facilitates the reduction of glue in the manufacturing process. Styles Lawson, Lucas and Rudy are updated in fresh colours each season.


Further, our Contemporary Collection has a modern silhouette at its heart combined with traditional construction methods, including soles engineered from natural crepe. Yogi’s functional and durable styles deliver comfort and authenticity in equal measure, with styles Rufus and Winstone in seasonal shades.

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