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Clean Crepe Sole Shoes With Expert Tips | Yogi Footwear

Cleaning Crepe Sole Shoes

Crepe soles are extremely comfortable, look great and promote a natural way of walking. However, their design does mean that they easily pick up dirt and dust. The way that crepe shoes change as you wear them is part of their charm, but you’ll still want them to look their best! Read more about how to clean crepe sole shoes with Yogi Footwear.

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What is a crepe sole?

A crepe sole is popular because it promotes a natural way of walking, standing and wearing shoes which is good for your feet. They’re more flexible than other types of soles, such as rubber, so are more comfortable.

A crepe sole is made from layers of coagulated latex, sometimes called ‘crepe rubber’, which gives them a unique texture that’s more porous than many other kinds of soles. It also makes them more flexible, so crepe sole shoes are more comfortable than many other choices. 

You might also hear the term ‘stacked crepe sole’. This refers to the same kind of sole but originates from the way they are often chunkier than other varieties for a unique and stylish aesthetic.

A soft sole

The clearest characteristic of crepe soles is that they’re soft - especially compared to other rubber or leather soles. This gives them more ‘bounce’. 

If you’re not sure whether the soles of your shoes are crepe, another kind of rubber or leather, you can look at the pattern on them. Crepe soles are distinguished by their mottled, almost porous appearance. They rarely have any specific grip designs cut into them, but will usually be a single flat sole.

Crepe soles were originally designed for shoes used in warmer weather, which is why they’re seen most often in shoes designed for summer and spring.

While crepe soles come out of the box a pale, cream colour, they naturally darken as they age. There are ways to clean crepe sole shoes, but you won’t be able to clean them to the same light colour as they began life. Many people consider this part of the charm of crepe sole shoes; they become your own and change as you wear them. However, keeping them clean can be helpful to ensure they last a long time and aren’t gradually damaged by grit or dust.

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Advantages of crepe sole shoes

While crepe sole shoes might be harder to clean than other kinds of shoes, they do have a number of advantages!


Rubber is tapped from trees, but this doesn’t damage them at all. A single tree can be harvested for over 40 years without damaging it, producing around 19 pounds of latex rubber every year!


Due to their flexibility and ‘bounciness’, crepe sole shoes are extremely comfortable with fantastic traction.

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Cleaning Crepe Soles

Because of the nature of crepe soles, you’ll never be able to clean them to the exact same condition they were in when they were brand new. This is okay. They’re designed to change and become your own.

However, they will be times when you want to give them a tidy up. Read our top tips on the best ways to clean crepe sole shoes.

Soft-bristle brush

If there are large bits of dirt on your shoes, use a soft-bristled brush to brush them off. It will be impossible to get into every pore of the shoes, but this should remove some of the bigger clumps of mud or dirt and make them a lot cleaner.

Grease Removing Detergent

You can use a mild detergent that will remove some of the grease and dirt from the shoe. To do this, dissolve the detergent in warm water then use a sponge to lather up the sole of the shoe. You can use a soft brush on the shoe, alternating between gently scrubbing with the brush and washing off with the soapy sponge and water.

Once the majority of the dirt has been removed, you can use the sponge on its own to get the last bits of dirt. Remember that this won’t get the sole back to brand-new condition, but it will help to clean some discolouring or dirt off it.

Be careful not to get the leather of the shoe damp as moisture can damage the material or discolour the shoe.

Hard Soap

Hard soap, or curd soap, comes in loads of different varieties. You can use it to clean crepe sole shoes. Again, be sure not to get the leather part of the shoe wet or damp.

Use warm water to wet the crepe sole and then apply the hard soap directly to the sole. Then use a brush to rub the sole and remove the dirt. Alternatively, you can apply soap directly to the brush instead of the shoe.

After the brush has done all it can, you can use a sponge with smaller movements to fine-tune the cleaning.

Once again, this isn’t going to remove every speck of dirt from the crepe sole. This kind of sole is designed to change as it’s worn - it’s part of its charm!

Avoid harsh solvents

Don’t use any solvents to clean crepe sole shoes, such as turpentine. Because they’re made from natural materials, this will permanently damage the rubber material itself, making it weaker and less effective rather than cleaning it. Solvents can make the sole even more susceptible to dirt!

Remember that crepe sole shoes are natural and will change throughout their lifetime. While it’s okay to clean them, you won’t be able to get them back to mint condition. 

If you’re ready for a new pair of shoes, explore the massive collection at Yogi Footwear! We have crepe sole shoes and sandals, as well as other sole varieties so you can find the perfect pair for you. 

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