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All About: Suede

Yogi Footwear is a premium brand which launched in the 1990s, creating handcrafted shoes in Portugal inspired by the unconventional Earth and Roots shoes from the 1970s.

In 2017 we relaunched, recreating the recessed negative heel silhouettes it was renowned for in their Heritage collection, plus new styles for their Classic and Contemporary ranges.

And in late 2019 we introduced a selection of women's styles across our classic and contemporary collections.

Yogi Footwear uses naturally formed lasts, with soft earthy leathers and buttery suedes, which are hand sewn in the workshop, eschewing superfluous detailing for a clean and minimal aesthetic.

Suede Shoes

A lot of people are afraid to buy suede shoes for fear of ruining them. However, it is important to know that suede is just like any other leather; treat it well and it will last a long time, if you don't it will get ruined. 


Our Suede Styles

1. Caden

Crafted from buttery soft premium suede, the Caden crepe is a contemporary comfort shoe with a wider toe fit. With intricate hand-stitched detailing and natural crepe outsole perfected in earthy tones, highlighting Yogi’s premium credentials. Some of our Caden collection come with a centre seam detail, and we also have two new women's versions in the SS20 collection.

Shop the full Caden collection here.

2. Lawson

Handcrafted in a mixture of earthy tones, the Lawson Moccasin features a premium suede upper, tan leather laces and finished with a natural crepe sole. Designed with a contemporary consumer in mind, these earth conscious shoes are a timeless staple for any wardrobe.

Shop the full Lawson collection here.

3. Lennon

Hand crafted from supple textured leather, Lennon is sophisticated and stylish featuring a hand stitched centre seam. The negative heel is designed for comfort and improves posture, with Earthy colourways evoking Yogi’s timeless appeal. The Lennon is available in two suede finishes; a natural suede, and a hairy suede with a more brushed texture.

Shop the full Lennon collection here.

4. Lucas

Yogi Lucas is a hand crafted, unlined, moccasin boot featuring full suede uppers, leather laces and natural Vibram sole unit. At present the Lucas is available at 50% off the original price, so you can get the iconic luxury for less.

Shop the full Lucas collection here.

5. Glenn

The Glenn crepe midrise boot features a soft yet durable premium suede and a natural crepe outsole, whilst showcasing high quality craftsmanship. Now available in 3 different colours, this boot is the perfect mix between smart and casual.

Shop the full Glenn collection here.

6. Orson

Crafted in Portugal from locally sourced materials, alike all of our footwear, and constructed with our signature negative heel, this heritage silhouette promotes good posture and comfort and is a staple shoe for the modern wardrobe.

Shop the full Orson collection here.

7. Elijah

A contemporary take on a deconstructed hiking boot, the Elijah Negative Heel is crafted from premium suede and tumbled leather, naturally sourced materials delivering high quality craftsmanship and durability in equal measure. At present the Elijah is available at 50% off the original price, so you can get the iconic luxury for less.

Shop the full Elijah collection here.


Keeping Suede Shoes Clean

Whether it's scuff marks, rain damage or a multitude of other sins, suede shoes are susceptible to damage just like any other material. Knowing how to clean them is essential to keeping them in their best condition. 

Suede Brush

A good quality suede brush is worth the investment. It will allow you to clean your suede shoes effectively as it is excellent at brushing off dried stains. Make sure your shoes are entirely dry before using the brush to gently brush away the dirt in small motions with a light hand. If necessary, brush against the nap of the suede but always be sure to finish brushing in the direction of the natural grain to maintain it's smooth finish.

Suede Eraser

For hard-to-tackle stains like oil, greaser and watermarks, a suede eraser can be a pretty effective spot-cleaning tool. Using a moderate amount of pressure, rub the eraser as you would a standard one on any marks.

Suede Cleaner

If the above two products have been unsuccessful, the next step is to use a suede cleaner - it works like a shampoo to remove any tough stains. After brushing your shoes down, sponge them with a slightly damp cloth before spraying your suede cleaner from at least 20cm distance. After this, gently rub the product in by using your suede brush and wipe them down with a cloth. Once your shoes are dry, brush them in the direction of the grain so the nap is smooth.


Remember, whatever your method of cleaning, never heat your suede shoes as this will damage the material. Allow them to dry naturally and brush the suede down to keep them looking smooth.


Protecting Suede Shoes

Preventing future damage of your suede shoes is an important step in looking after them. Luckily, when it comes to suede there are a couple of simple, yet effective, methods.

Suede Protector

The most important way to protect suede shoes is to pre-empt daily wear and tear they will encounter and cover the uppers with a high-quality suede shoe protector. As soon as you have purchased a pair of suede shoes, treat them with a waterproof protective spray before wearing them outside. In doing this, your shoes will have a barrier against rain, mud and puddle splashes. It also helps prevent the colours from fading and reduces stains.

**Please note before using a Suede protector we recommend you try it on a small part of the suede first, allow it to dry and if all ok apply to the rest of the upper **

Avoid wet weather

Although suede is typically worn in the warmer, brighter and drier months, do not fear wearing them in the typical British summer. The easiest way to protect your suede shoes/boots from stains is to avoid them on days when you are likely to come into contact with wet weather conditions. Though it's likely to be only a few days of full sunshine, let's all pray for a summer like 2018 where we can wear our suede shoes fear-free all summer long.

Use Shoe Trees

After removing your suede shoes from your feet, immediately place a shoe tree snuggly inside. This will help them maintain their shape and the suede wrinkling. Though the materials used in Yogi shoes minimises the presence of odour from precipitation, using a wooden shoe tree made from cedar will help limit this further by soaking up any residual moisture in the suede.


How to store Suede Shoes

One of the most important factors in caring for your suede shoes is knowing how to properly store them. Make sure to abide by the following golden rules:

1. Always keep them out of direct sunlight as to avoid colour fading

2. Keep them away from heat sources such as radiators and portable heaters

3. In the instance they do get wet, allow them to air dry with a shoe tree inside so they maintain their proper shape

4. When they are not in use, keep them in quality shoe bags so dust/dirt does not settle on them.


Shop all of our suede shoes here.


Still not convinced you can maintain a pair of suede shoes? No problem - we have plenty of other leather finishes throughout our Classic, Contemporary and Heritage collections. Shop our full men's range here and women's range here.


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