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After Care - How to care for your Yogi's

Worried about how to protect and care for your Yogi’s? Look no further, we’ve teamed up with Attirecare to offer you some of the best preforming economically made shoe care. Based in Manchester, Attirecare offers unique responsibly made lifestyle products which not only look great on your shelf but are also kind to the planet.

How to care for your Yogi’s:

First things first, when your Yogi’s arrive hit them with the Protector Spray. This unique formula helps repel any unwanted stains by creating a protective layer across the shoe. For best results, spray upright 6” away from the shoe to ensure an even coating then leave to dry completely.

The Protector Spray


For a deep clean, we recommend the Shoe Cleaning Set. Spirt a small amount of the cleaning solution on to the AC brush, using circular motions scrub away any dirt and stains from your Yogi’s. For best results we advise using a small amount of water, alongside a towel to whip away any excess product. Revisit your suedes later with the AC brush to buff them back to life, leave to dry completely before using the Protector Spray.

Shoe Cleaning Set

Shoe Cleaning Set


When caring for leather, the Leather Cream works a treat. Using a clean cloth, buff the cream into the shoe to restore your leathers natural oils and help prevent cracking. For best results apply frequently to protect and remove unwanted dirt, ensuring your leather shoes last as long as they were designed to.

The Leather Cream

The Leather Cream


Finally, finish off with the Shoe Deodoriser. Inspired by the Tuscan country aromas, this shoe deodoriser helps keep your well-loved shoes smelling fresh. Simply lift the tongue of the shoe and spray directly inside, make sure they are completely dry before your next wear.

The Shoe Deodoriser


For more information about Attirecare, their values and other lifestyle products visit their website here

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We hope you enjoy Attirecare’s products as much as we do!


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